Specialty Engineering

Specialty Engineering

Connections – Specialty Metal Fabrication Services

Structural steel connections can have elaborate loading and diverse geometry. These connections range from being very simple to extremely complex designs. LBYD Engineers has knowledge of steel connection design and detailing and offer quality connection design services. LBYD Engineers understands that connection design must be safe and must be economical for the fabricator and erector to produce. LBYD structural engineers work closely with fabricators to provide designs that work well with the fabricator’s shop practices and can be erected in the field as easily as possible. Our professional engineers have a vast understanding of design issues and can provide solutions that will minimize errors, keep costs down and improve the project schedule.

In today’s construction environment, more and more design responsibility is being shifted to the contractor/fabricator. LBYD Engineers provides high quality designs for stairs, handrails, mechanical platforms and their connections to the main structure for owners and fabricators to satisfy the demands of the project. LBYD Engineers has experience designing these structures in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


Expert Testimony
An expert witness is an individual who is qualified through education, training, skill and/or experience to give opinion testimony in a court of law. As seasoned structural engineers, LBYD Engineers has the ability to provide expert testimony on a multitude of forensic structural engineering issues. Our expertise and specialized knowledge of structural engineering gives us the ability to elaborate on these issues and provide reliable information and testimony for the benefit of the project participants, attorneys and the court. Our substantial qualifications in structural engineering give our testimony the necessary credibility needed in litigation related matters. LBYD Engineers will assist your legal team in making informed decisions throughout the course of the investigation and will help present a case that is sound, persuasive and easily understood.

Peer Reviews
Our expertise in the field of structural engineering has been acquired through continuing education throughout our careers and through the thousands of projects we have provided the structural design. Because of our reputation as a leader in our field, LBYD Engineers has performed peer reviews on a number of projects at the request of project owners throughout the Southeast and the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers in the State of Alabama. When disputes arise or complaints are made concerning competency issues it is sometimes necessary for a review to be done in order to validate or disprove the accusations. Structural peer reviews can include interviews, review of documents obtained during the review process and technical reviews.  It is imperative that such reviews are handled in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity. We pride ourselves in delivering this type of peer review.

Property Loss Investigation
Our expertise incorporates all aspects of first and third party property loss evaluation, investigations and forensic structural engineering. Our goal is to provide impartial, technically accurate and court qualified responses to matters involving a wide variety of forensic concerns. We efficiently investigate losses using proven and consistent methods and ultimately provide an account of necessary information to help manage the claim. As seasoned structural engineers we understand the accepted standards that must be met by designers and have the capability to conduct thorough investigations of existing conditions.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections include the review of selected materials, equipment, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections, to ensure compliance with the International Building Code. The special inspection can also verify that the materials and the completed building structure comply with the approved drawings, specifications and permit documents. These reviews can take place continuously in the area the work is being performed or periodically with intermittent observations in the area where the work has been or is being performed and at the completion of the work. LBYD engineers have an immense knowledge along with a trained eye for special inspections and offer quality special inspection services. LBYD’s team includes civil and structural engineers that have immense technical experience and on-the-job detailing experience. Adequate special inspection reports enable a project to be safe, functional and sustainable. A proper inspection and report also keeps liability correctly dispersed to the architect, engineer, contractor and/or other parties involved.

Storm Shelter Design

LBYD Engineers has experience designing community “safe rooms” within schools and other structures to withstand loading from tornadoes. These safe rooms are designed according to ICC 500-2008, ICC / NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, which was adopted in 2010 by the State of Alabama to require safe rooms for all new K-12 school construction. LBYD Engineers has also performed numerous peer reviews of the community safe room designs of other engineers, which is required by the ICC 500-2008 Code for typical school safe rooms. LBYD is a member of NSSA, the National Storm Shelter Association, which collaborated with the International Code Council to issue standard safe room shelter requirements to resist hurricane and tornado loadings.