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LBYD has ample experience evaluating existing structures. Structural evaluations may involve checking an existing structure for vertical or horizontal expansion or analyzing a specific area for new loading. New loading could include changing the use of a building (using a different, heavier live load) or installing new mechanical equipment. Determining where to cut new floor or door openings is commonplace, too. LBYD engineers are trained to take field measurements of existing structures, make reasonable assumptions based on the history of the structure, and calculate capacities of even the oldest structures. View our brochure here.

Jacksonville State University

A look into LBYDs assessment of storm damage following an F3 tornado at several campus facilities.

Regions Bank

A look into LBYDs assessment of a Regions Bank branch following Hurricane Michael.

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Ashley Carden, PE

Senior Project Manager

1525 Perimeter Parkway NW, Suite 510

Huntsville, AL 32806

Office: (256) 439 – 1276

Cell: (256) 361 – 8586

Ashley has over 20 years of structural engineering experience, obtaining his Alabama Professional Engineer license in 2001. During this time he has performed multiple tasks related to structural engineering design including design and assembly of calculations, production of construction drawings, and directing and reviewing structural engineering work performed by others. His experience covers a wide spectrum of structural engineering projects involving various types of construction including new buildings, renovations and additions to existing structures. This experience includes designing buildings and special structures utilizing steel, concrete, masonry, wood and other miscellaneous materials. Throughout his career, Ashley has been required to coordinate with architects and other engineering disciplines, and work closely with building contractors, fabricators and installers during the implementation of his designs.