LBYD Visits Vulcan, Inc.

September 22, 2020

By: Stephen Evans and Daniel Franklin

We have a systematic approach to each industrial project putting the client’s needs first and recognizing that each need is unique to their process. We approach each project by identifying the problem, understanding the process, and creating a solution that supports the maximum ROI, Efficiency and Economy for our clients. At LBYD, we believe that in-person site visits are vital to the success of our projects and achieving this outcome. First, they allow for in-person meetings with our clients on-site, which are an important part of engineering solutions that are tailored for each individual project. These meetings help us to better understand the process and the needs of our client at that point in time.

With over 47 years of experience, we have a wealth of experience creating solutions for our clients in the industrial space. One client we have had the pleasure of working with is Vulcan, Inc., an aluminum manufacturing facility in Foley, AL.  In 2013, we helped them increase their aluminum mill capacity by providing the structural design and drawings for a new melt shop structure and the foundations necessary for the installation of a new aluminum melting furnace alongside the existing melter. Now, they are ready to install a second furnace and a new aluminum caster and decommission their original melter after many years of service.

Vulcan’s original aluminum melting furnace

We recently made a site visit to the Vulcan, Inc. plant in Foley, Alabama. When we got to the Vulcan campus, we sat down with our client to give an update on where we were on our drawings. We went through the drawings for the new upgrades and coordinated what needed to be addressed in order to add the new furnace and caster.

A truss that will be removed to allow the new furnace to be moved into place


Out on the shop floor, we went through the list of items that we had compiled. Some were measurements that we needed for our design. Others were solutions that we brainstormed with the contractor and crane manufacturer involved in the project, who were also on site that day, in coordination with the Owner. All in all, we had a successful visit out to Vulcan, and went home with what we needed to continue our work of engineering the best solutions for our client.