Utilizing Existing Tools to Further Enhance Collaboration

July 15, 2021

By: Jared Kime

At the onset of COVID-19, every industry found themselves making huge adjustments to protect their employees. The AEC industry was no different.  It created the opportunity for LBYD to further develop innovative technology to overcome these obstacles. In a pre-COVID world, software programs like Revit and Bluebeam® were already heavily utilized across our industry.

These programs allow large groups of people to collaborate on a project regardless of where our team members were in the world.  With the shift to working at home at the onset of COVID, maintaining our rigorous QA/QC process and a collaborative environment was imperative. Drawing reviews and collaboration sessions on Studio in Bluebeam® Revu® were once again utilized. With Studio, we were able to mark drawings and share with LBYD offices and individuals, as well as our clients to meet their needs. Studio can be utilized as a virtual plan room, allowing edits and markups to drawings while in a collaborate space. PDF documents can be easily uploaded to a session and attendees invited. A chat function is available within the software as well as the ability to track changes. Additionally, an advantage we found of Studio is the ability to manage project plans within a secure cloud environment.

We conducted review sessions with architects, contractors, and other design professionals within Studio. This has not only helped us with updating real time data, but also helping our initiative to go paperless. By eliminating the need to print large drawing sets multiple times to review, we have reduced our costs associated with printing and reduced our carbon footprint.

Although many have returned to working in the office environment, we will continue to utilize this collaboration tool to further our reach and maintain quality. This is one of the many tools over the past year that has become paramount to our business.